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Handyman Services

Looking for a Handyman to help complete your punch list of home repairs? We have a handyman available to help with all your property maintenance tasks in 2021. Hiring a local handyman can save you a lot of money over hiring a general contractor or other home repair specialist.

Our handyman staff specializes in the small jobs that a General Contactor typically does not prefer to do. We do not do full home remodeling or other large jobs over $500.

General Repair Service

As a Handyman service, we offer a variety of home maintenance and repair services like painting, electrical work (replacing light fixtures), home projects, installation services (security upgrades, new locks, ceiling fans), and miscellaneous other small jobs.

Serving Contra Costa County

Our headquarters are located in Walnut Creek, CA which positions us in the central county area to conveniently serve the residents of Contra Costa County in Lafayette, Orinda, Moraga, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Alamo, San Ramon, and Danville community.

Punchlist items

Many homeowners have a long punch list or list of "honey-dos" that they just haven't had time to complete. Perhaps you got busy in your professional life or were just too tired to complete some needed improvements after a long day at work. We understand how it's easy to get behind in your home repairs and home improvement tasks. We can provide assistance to help get these home repairs done in a timely manner.

Drywall Repair

One of the most common punch list services they perform is drywall repair, due to the fact these repairs involve several steps and specialized skills to complete. Drywall repair techniques are done right by using more than a simple patch kit. The underlying area of drywall often needs to be replaced, re-textured, and then painted with a matching color. Most homeowners don't have the tools or skills to artfully blend this type of repair in a natural looking way.

Hiring a Painter

Obtaining a quote from a certified painting contractor can cause sticker shock for many homeowners. This is especially true with smaller repairs and small jobs that are a hassle to complete but must be charged at a day rate including extra fees to get the painter to come out. Hiring a handyman to paint these small jobs can help save you money and get your repairs finished.


The truth is that Painting is another common home improvement chore that most people just hate doing. Masking areas to avoid, reducing brush marks and the tedious clean-up process that is usually involved causes most people to put off these tasks. Unusually sized items like a garage door are also a common reason to hire a handyman with a paint sprayer and the experience to do the job right.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans are a popular add-on item for bay area homes. These fans come in handy for bedrooms on the second floor and help circulate air at night after a hot summer day. Installing a ceiling fan can be tricky and involve both some structural reinforcement and light electrical work. Therefore, many homeowners are not comfortable doing this type of installation and hire a handyman. We are well-positioned to help install new light fixtures and ceiling fans.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

An often neglected home maintenance task is the cleaning of your dryer vents. Lint can build up in vents over time and create a fire hazard.

TV Wall Mount Installation

Much like installing a ceiling fan, mounting a TV to the wall can involve rerouting an electrical outlet and hiding cables to make a clean installation.

Faucet Repair

A leaky faucet or shower valve can literally keep you up at night and prevent you from sleeping. It can also cost you money in the form of an increased water bill.

Wall Repair

Wall repairs often involve drywall but can also involve bathroom shower surround walls made of tile or upgrades to your garage walls with pegboardb.

Home Repair

We can provide free estimates on request and offer quality home repair services.


A good handyman is a great resource for people with rental homes and can service tenant requests for improvements and maintenance items.

Handyman service

It's sage advice to offer a friendly reminder to change the batteries in smoke detectors every year and tend to any annual home maintenance and repair items to maintain the value of your home. If you are getting behind on your repairs, contact us to help!

Handyman Near Me

If you are located in Contra Costa County or Tri-Valley area we are in your neighborhood and available for a service call.

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This is due to their excellent service, competitive pricing and customer support . It’s throughly refresing to get such a personal ...

Jim Doe


This is due to their excellent service, competitive pricing and customer support . It’s throughly refresing to get such a personal ...

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This is due to their excellent service, competitive pricing and customer support . It’s throughly refresing to get such a personal ...

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